California based writer, editor and social activist. Contributor to various newspapers, magazines and web publications like The Statesman, The Pioneer, Hospitality India, New Global Indian, Drishtikone, Examiner.com etc. In her long tenure with the media and education, she catered to various verticals, primarily, journalism, advertising, teaching Communications and Behavioral Training. Besides, she is an abolitionist, being deeply involved in combating child sex trafficking and exploitation. She’s been with social organizations like CRY and Love 146 to create awareness and participate in the mitigation process worldwide. Also, an institutional member of End Internet Trafficking Coalition that deals with human trafficking on the Internet.

Born and brought up in India, she has had the chance to travel extensively in India and abroad, thus experiencing various cultural nuances and ethnicity. A proponent of world peace, she is currently in the process of discovering the Yogic way of life in establishing peaceful-co-existence.

She lives in San Jose, California with her husband and son.

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